Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ingenious Solicitation

Marketeers, farmers, solicitors, telemarketers,
none have ever reached the threshold
of getting something for nothing
to the degree which costumed
children, ages three to thirteen
rake in free candy.
Their strategy is not imitable,
it's genuine and playful.
The goal is worn on the smile,
and the prize is worn on the teeth,
like a drilling company discovering
red treasure past the white enamel,
the cavities of solicitation
run deep.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The March

All together
As one large mass
Marches through the city streets.
The undead, soldiers
Cross-dressers, Politicians
The sarcastic tee's, Entertainers
Religious figures, Masqueraders
Mythical sorts, and others in plain clothing,
The village is alive with the memories
and representations
of imaginations past.
Yesterday remains and lasts
longer of supposing.
Onward the march of the costumed mass.

Just Before The Moment

When I awaited for the return
to shine brightness on a new day
My waking was deferred
And in sleep, my body taken away.
I had missed the song of a sunrise
I had missed the morning birds calls
I now wake in mid-day, swooned
by the enchantment of high noon, sprawled.

I'll Have Seen It Twice

Because I've been awake
for when the sun breaks
and when the sun rests,
I think tonight I'll wait
to see it wake again
and I'll be in bed before breakfast.

When The Day Wakes

And the glow of the sun
behind the curtains and blinders
lulls me from my dream,
Together, the day and I shall be awake.