Fall Of The Albatross

Fall Of The Albatross is a genre blending metal band from Queens, New York. Spastic, soothing, sexy, heavy, intense, groovy, passionate, tear-jerking, smooth, and beastly are all words that apply to the music and personas of the band. FOTA loves to make you dance, sing, cry, thrash, headbang, bang bang, drool, laugh, melt, and get naked.

If Fall Of The Albatross were a restaurant, it would serve chunks of meaty riffs, shredded notes, baked in a warm blanket of soulful emotions, garnished with odd time signatures, covered in a drip of the finest jazz sauce, placed on a crackling funk skillet, to audiences who desire the utmost diversity in their musical palette.

Left to right  Robert Anderson [bass], Colin Ruhwedel [guitars], Harold Mcummings [guitars, keys], Anthony Wong [drums], Ray Hodge [vocals]


Live Performances by 
Fall Of The Albatross

The Silver Epic
Mace is for Bitches into Last Dragon: The Revenge of Sho
Unicorn Teardrops and Dulce de Leche

Thanks to Chris Guillen for recording these on his FLiP Cam!

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