Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Beautification of Ugly

Here is Edna Fulch. This photo was snapped seconds after the completion of her four hundredth pork bean casserole. Her face has not changed since. The dress she is wearing was purchased at Walton's Fine Potato Sack Rags in San Diego. The store now features a plastic walkway.

This is a rare smile from Ganga Frill captured by a photographer who is no longer with us. After years of forced weight management, Ganga finally let go of the strict diet plan that kept her within the bounds of England's legal consumption limitations. She now works for the Museum of Historical Nuisances in Aigburth.  
This startling image of Eustace Jois Pankie was taken in the midst of his final defaction after three years of compacting and storing processed food product in his intestines and fatty corpuscles. The food product was proudly sponsored by Mulch&Gorbain healthy food alternatives who are now a scrap cartilage company after a lawsuit left them in financial ruin.

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