Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Beautification of Ugly pt. 3

From a young age, Zachreef Puntel had always been fond of teeth. His first entrepenurial venture involved stealing x ray photographs of teeth and arranging the small pictures into massive collages made to look like larger teeth. The museum holding his work, however, was ransacked after a vicious group of protesters protesting protesting protested an exhibit protesting the pasts of protested protesters. All of the remaining records containg the life and work of Zachreef perished in a fire set by protesting arsonists who followed the intitial wave of protesters. Only this picture remains. 

Halga Oorft was voted most beautiful by one voter during the Abkhazia Not For Ugly voting parade that took place just ten minutes ago down Abkhazia's most prominent street, the Huft Unt Paved Way. The suspect who voted for Halga eluded pursuing journalists, but left behind a handkerchief with an emblem containing the letters Sm. Mr.

This young brother and sister pair come from the most obscure outskirts of Manhattan Isla. On certain days, they spend up to 12 hours working different hair products into their scalps in order to impress two employees working at the nearby Turnip's Shopping Complex. What they realized was it was really just one employee posing as two different people. After this trauma inducing experience, the siblings have gone recluse in a tower located in the heart of the woods.

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