Thursday, November 4, 2010

AdAware But Not BeWoken

The man floats fetal like,
his veins are popping,
circulatory system runs heavily
to the muscles, seen through
his grey, transparent skin,
revealing the anatomy and process
to how he clutches fiercely,
and in his sleep,
attached to his hands, neck,
embedded, artificial ports to the body,
bundles of cables 
draped throughout space
connecting beings with other beings
an artifact
of silicon and gold,
produced by a vegetable mind
and lit with natures spark
a continuum of sporadic activity
dances holographically in the dark

A shock jolts him,
and all the systems
temporarily shut down.
He floats naked and exposed,
reality comes around
to the darkness he rots in,
opposing others he's never seen,
as they too, have been locked in.
The moment of silence is broken.
Some begin tearing out cables
from the ports embedded in their skin.
An ambiguous commotion,
roars and cries of freedom crescendo
more powerful than an ocean.

The man, along with his kind,
staggers to rise
while rubbing 
cobwebs from their eyes,
and see a world
through their own senses...
but this doesn't feel like the first time.
A second jolt occurred
and suddenly the dream of reality 
was a dream deferred,
as the electric pulse, 
still currents of programming
reawakened the sleeping artifact
from unambiguity of being,
and cradled mankind 
back to his sleep
where the memory of his awakening
was only surface deep.
Still in shock
man digitizes dreams
through the drapery of cables in space
connecting endlessly.

But what of the artifact?
Is its dream without penetration?
Have we not enslaved it
for our own motivations?
A rock dreams of being a rock,
not smoldered to circuitry,
bits and pieces,
and against its will
infused with the wild energy
of man's endless affinity.

The preprogrammed dependencies
are in action between both parties,
their contradiction sustained 
by the need of the the other
Fools and lovers,
mankind remains intertwined
with the cables to his mother.

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