Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Looking For A New Audience

Whenever you're looking for new audiences
be prepared to hear the unexpected.
The bearers of all truths are all humans.
It's good to use a second ear
another pair,
do they hear?

The internet is a funny place,
More trolls than World of Warcraft
More pages than people
Less censorship than television
Less dating, more gaming
Because who has time for a silly girl
Or any real, intellectual debating?

Well, the net has and doesn't have both,
It all happens at once
in a strange pattern of random thought,
evoked and locked in the circuitry of our desires,
evoked and locked.

If I try to unlock and open for all to see,
you have to understand what I'm showing you
It ain't so easy being free, especially when
freedoms got you boiling mean,
and you ain't got a drop of love
to be heard, felt, smelt, tasted, or seen.
To those people I have a delivery.

Deliver you from misery
to the land of felt love,
unless feelin' misery is what you love
then stay put,
and watch me fill this life past the brim
so that you can have another cup.

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