Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Nothing has gotten this far
To be something
All from nothing!
The blink of an eye
The meeting of the lids
Tufts of miracles at the ends
A lovelier organic eye has never been

The universe must be created
Whenever it is seen
Assembled in a millisecond
And gone in a wink

But the twinkle in the eye will always remain
Outside of life and within
The inverse of the brain
The brain is in the universe
Marked present by the stars
Of redundant speech
Will soon become
Multiversal, merciful, spiritual beings

Light sparked from the center
Of the whole yet broken individulas
Fuels found for the sparks to set ablaze
Did not burn forever
And diverted the curiousity
Of every creative gaze

Forever the sparks set ablaze the new found maze


In the blink of an eye the soft dark corners
Created out of nothing a new universe
Now it's really something, all from nothing!
The light connects the dark
Flickers the creative pulse
Harbors a ship ready to set sail
Ready to prevail over a soft blue corner

As far as the transition from the sea to the sky
The eye can see
The miracle at the end
A light which shines through the tunnel
That never ends
All from something to nothing to something
It begins again

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