Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gull of Man

A gull caught by the wing
on the earthly wind
And fixed to the air
he was

A life paused, suffering
material binge
And fixed with closed eyes
he was

A light made for the eyes
feigned an awake-ness
But wired the minds
it did

The wings of death
float by the bed
of red roses
for all the dead.

Wired eyes body shed
to the wild pane
of light and games,
a man made brain,
a system of rules
artificial imagination
bent on recluse inaction
like the gull
fixed statically
to the air we have tainted
with invisible communication.

We are affixed to the cells
staring at us
with virtual information.

Instinctively, the gull swoops from its place
to a new gust granting another fleeting position,
breaking the idea of the fixed stagnation
represented by the gull floating motionless, high.

People are wired,
fixed, staring with a dullness in the eye,
instead of looking for the enigmatic
in beautiful visual information,
and active human compassion
found even in the morning sky.

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