Monday, November 8, 2010

Bifurcations and Binaries

The Bifurcation
of an anomaly
splitting homogeneous indifference
and fallen to apathy

Who is the caretaker over the soul?
I doubt its order of control
will ever prevail in our chaotic state.

Will you take the brilliance of diamonds
and change them back to stones?

Without great expectation,
there will be no great loss.
A shiny stone is just a shiny stone
until it is identified
as a means to achieve profit.

What I share right now is different
from what I've shed, across
the railway of track-laid thought,
ground down by the whispers
of my inner learner,
conducive to break down the complex
into no more than a few, merely unprovocative parts.

Binaries and bifurcations,
the anomaly is we,
without giving complex due credit
while wearing a uniformity on the sleeve
the meanings are choked
into reductions of one's
and three's.

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