Tuesday, November 2, 2010


And Disconnection
Spreads itself thoroughly
Throughout this whole damn nation

In a period of recollection
Thoughts preserved for our own protection
Designed to prevent the truth
Thoroughly holding back
A wanting expansive youth
From a mind dependent mirror
Enlisting them as pallbearers
From even the most minute self refelction

These days run thin
Like a world on a membrane
Like a film of pictures
With no depth
Contains still, many words
Hides many answers
Within a fragile sketch

Bringers of light you are hereby scrutinized
For lights shine many colors
And brightness blinds many eyes
Prisms allow us to see what beams are comprised of
At times helps us see colors unheard of

Isolate your spectrum
Disconnect from the rainbow
Spread yourself into the white
Into a nation made of nothing but light

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